About Us

Our office was opened by Tracie Barnes in 2005, and was called Counseling Services of Northern NY. The office was originally going to be a private part-time counseling office for Ms. Barnes. But as the community became aware of the services provided, Ms. Barnes was not able to accommodate the need for services. In 2006, Ms. Barnes began accepting clients on a full-time basis. Because the need for services continued to grow, Ms. Barnes started to add additional staff to the office.


In 2009, the office changed to a Professional Limited Liability Company; and had to change it’s name to:
Mental Health Counseling Services of NNY, PLLC.


In 2010, Ms. Barnes realized the office space was no longer able to accommodate the amount of client’s being referred. As a result, four additional counseling offices and a larger waiting area ,were added to the building, which transformed the office to a newer more professional setting.


The office has grown immensely since it’s origination in 2005, and will continue to grow in order to meet the needs of the community. Mental Health Counseling Services of Northern NY has proven it’s commitment to the community by providing resources needed. For example, in the past, the office has developed groups requested by other professional organizations or clients.