Offender Accountability Group


Group will run either 26 weeks with two hour sessions, or 52 weeks with one hour session per week. This is yet to be determined as it will depend on the financial situations of group members.

*Client will need to schedule a one hour initial evaluation prior to group; client should bring all paperwork to this evaluation..such as court orders, arrest information and contact information in regard to who is referring them to the program.
*If client has insurance their insurance will be charged accordingly. Client will be responsible for co-payment which is due at the time of group.
*If client does not have insurance; cost of group is: $80 for initial evaluation and $40 per group session.
*We have a sliding scale fee for those individuals who meet criteria. Fee is based on income.
*This is a business so no one will attend group free of charge.
*Group will hold between 7-10 participants.
*Time of group will be established once all members in group have attended their initial evaluation session.


If interested, please call for more information.


MHCSNNY requests that anyone interested in attending a group must have a 1-hour evaluation. This evaluation will help to determine if the group is appropriate for the individual client.


Telephone: 268-0264
Fax: 268-0200