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Age Groups: 6-9 & 10-17

Is your child or adolescent experiencing grief as a result of the loss of a loved one? If so, then they can attend one of our support groups where they will be able to experience and process their thoughts/feelings/emotions with other peers who are experiencing similar thoughts/feelings/emotions associated with grief/loss.

These groups will focus on:

*Recognizing and connecting with their emotions
*Feeling comfortable with their emotions
*Processing their grief in a healthy way
*Developing support from their parents, peers, school, and community
*Expressing their thoughts/feelings/emotions surrounding the loss
*Developing techniques for coping with their emotions

If interested, please call (315) 268-0264 for more information.

MHCSNNY requests that anyone interested in attending a group must have a 1-hour evaluation. This evaluation will help to determine if the group is appropriate for the individual client.